Tuesday, December 30, 2014

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FAST AND FURIOUS: RHOA star Porsha Williams arrested AGAIN!!

Seems like our girl Porsha is in trouble again!! The RHOA star was busted speeding, doing a 78 in a 55. During her routine stop, officers ran her name and saw that Williams had a suspended license (henceforth all of the DWI rumors), and was booked into prison.

The DISH Nation gossip girl's mugshot is slightly ashier than the last, but soon after this shot was taken, she was booked and released on a $1,800 bond....

Oh Porsha...

Will Melanie and Derwin return for the last season of The Game??

Earlier this year BET announced that this upcoming 2015 year would be the end of their hit show The Game, giving them at least two more seasons left, it also leaves for question if beloved couple Melanie and Derwin Davis return.... 

Actress Tia Mowry took to her instagram to confirm that she and Pooch Hall (Derwin) will not make a return to the show for its last season.

Thanking all of the fans that screamed for their favorite Game couple to return, Mowry says that she was blessed to had played Melanie and how touched she is to still get rave reviews after being off of the show for two seasons.

The new season of The Game premieres in January on BET.

Rapper YG's longtime girlfriend spills FILTHY laundry after bitter break-up

Rapper YG has been accused by his long time girlfriend Caetlyn Sparks of having herpes and offered to pay her off to keep her mouth shut. 

She took to her Instagram to put the "My Hitta" rapper on blast stating that she was pregnant and was at risk for having the baby early due to him not wanting the child. She went on and claimed that other females have confirmed that he had given it to them but are too "groupie-fied' to come forth to say anything.

 Now after this rant Sparks take to her Insta and claims that she was hacked... blah blah blah....

We shall see how this ratchetness unfolds....

HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM THE AYE LIFE CREW! New year brings new beginnings for us! We hope you are tuned in and turned up!!!

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

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SINGLE & READY TO MINGLE: Amber Rose caught clubbing with London soccer Star Samuel Eto'o

A little over a month Amber Rose has been fresh on the market, and has been allegedly romantically linked to Nick Cannon and Nick Simmons (Gene Simmons' son). Now she is being linked across the pond with a London footballer (soccer player in our terms, lol) Samuel Eto'o. A source told The Daily Mail UK that Amber was spotted leaving a London night club just moments after the "happily married" Eto'o stepped out with his cap over his eyes. Knowing how Amber expressed hurt, maybe she is trying a new leaf... but stepping out with a married man would be beneath her, especially after she accused Wiz for doing the same to her. Eto'o, who is a father of 4 and married to his high school sweetheart, tried to leave incognito, but it failed. This occurs just days after Wiz was spotted hand in hand with another female.

Geesh, let the tears roll off before you guys just go pouncing around with everybody!

MONEY AINT A THANG: Keyshia Cole moves on, Birdman tries to bribe her back with money?

Since seperating from her hubby Boobie, Keyshia Cole hasn't had the best record with men (well, when has she ever had a great relationship?), and this stint thinking that Birdman was going to be her's exclusively wasn't any different. After getting into an altercation with an allegedy side chick at Birdman's condo, it was learned that the lady was an actual employee of Cash Money and was NOT dealing with the CEO. After that altercation, Keyshia put Baby on blast after making it crystal clear that she doesn't trust him (well duh!!).

Insinuating that he is trying to bribe her back with wads of cash, Cole basically doesn't need it but is saving it for her son... good deal Keysh. Word of advice: STOP CHOOSING THE SAME TYPE OF MEN! But, then again, it makes for great content in her music.....

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

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Ciara GAVE Engagement Ring BACK to ex-fiancee Future!

I know some will NEVER do it but singer (and newly single) Ciara gave her ex Future back the 15-carat ring back, sealing rumors of them reconciling. Sources close to Ciara are saying that she has made up her mind to move forward and focus on her new album and raising their son Future Jr. Although legally, Ciara can be entitled to keep the ring due to him proposing to her on her birthday (where she can claim as a "gift"), but hey maybe she wanted to show how independent she is, and you never know Future might of needed the dough. The ring was designed by jewelers Avianne and Co. and its estimated to be about $500,000!!

Is this ring worth it, or did it not mean a thing?

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

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Spinoff ALERT: Tami and Waka Flocka are allegedly gaining a spin-off

LHHATL stars Tami and fiance Waka Flocka are allegedly gaining their own spin off. Although this is a rumor, I can assume that thier story line will follow the couple while they try to make a baby, getting married behind everyone's backs (where mama Deb was extremely pissed), and that photo that could have gotten Waka locked back up. Love the couple, but I am pretty sure no one cares about their story line because the two were boring, on another note, if Tami were to move on to the next season of LHHATL ish may get real between Tami and Joseline. Tami seems like a stand up girl, so if this rumor is true, congrats!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

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Update: After August Alsina fell off stage at NYC show

Last night August Alsina was performing for his sold out crowd at Irving Plaza in NYC where he basically fell completely off the stage, his head hit a barricade, and onto the floor where security had to haul him out and call an ambulance. Sources are saying that he is doing well, but was a little too dehydrated and Angela Yee from The Breakfast Club stated that he had little to nothing to eat throughout the whole day while doing press.

Great news is when he bounces back he is set to open up for Usher on his upcoming tour. Suggesting that he will be eating and drinking less alcohol would be best right? Congrats and get well soon youngin'.

Iggy Azalea's ex-boyfriend is set to put out old sex tape

Seems like Iggy is the next female to get caught up with one of these sex tapes. In the beginning it was indeed a rumor, then Iggy's camp denied it was her in the video, then moved on to say that "IF" it was her, then she was under 18, NOW her camp is saying that "if" it was her she is not going to sign off on it and they CANNOT use the name Iggy because she trademarked it. This all stems from her ex-boyfriend/manager and Houston rapper Hefe Wine stating that Iggy indeed signed off on the tape and is attempting to remove her signature from some agreement signed by Iggy back in 2009.

Iggy (real name Amethyst, real pretty btw) signed off her music rights to this Wine character, and of course he never got rid of the agreement. Wine is claiming that the terms of this agreement should be concurrent with him releasing the sextape. Since then Vivid Entertainment apologized to Iggy's camp saying that they was not going to release the video under her stage name and putting up an estimated multi-million dollar deal in the release of the video. Seems like Tip better hire some beasts of lawyers to help out old Iggs.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

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Ray Rice is SUSPENDED from the NFL, fans reaction, and wife DEFENDS his actions!

After being suspended from the NFL, a lot of fans are in an uproar and almost divided on the actual decision against Baltimore Ravens Ray Rice. This comes as a result of leaked video of Rice where he punched his then fiance Janay Palmer, knocking her unconscious, then dragging her out of the elevator. A few months ago video of Rice dragging Palmer out of the elevator was released to the NFL and they suspended Rice from 2 games. Ever since this new video was released, the NFL claims that they had no knowledge that it went this severe, henceforth suspending Rice indefinitely.

That day, Rice's wife Janay Palmer Rice has then took to Instagram stating her feelings and is defending her husband!

What do you think????

Christina Milian's coming to E! with new reality show

It was announced that singer/actress Christina Milian will be featuring her new reality show Christina Milian Turned Up on E!. The docu-soap will follow Milian's career, family, love life (as a newly single woman), and her being a mother. She surprisingly took to Instagram announcing
"So it looks like the cats out the bag!! Lol.. I can officially announce that my docu-series with E! network has been picked up!! Along with @heartbreakkid87_ @danielle_milian @mamamilian @laurenrod8 on board for the Crazy ride.. Airing top of the year 2015! Be on the lookout.. Music, my friendships, Family and so much more. It's time for you to get a peak in."
Will her rumored boyfriend Lil Wayne be featured? I guess we will see this upcoming season.

LHHNY star Tahiry Jose JUMPED at a NYFW runway show, and hospitalized

Tahiry was hospitalized after being in a crazy and confused altercation, with a man, at the Toure Fashion Show for New York Fashion week. There have been two sides to the story but it allegedly all started when Tahiry and her glam squad came in and demanded more than what was expected. This led to her fussing and cussing out the productions manager Carlos Gonzales. All of a sudden he started to beat her up and there are mixed stories about it being broken up as well as people standing around watching it. Tahiry checked into a New York hospital to treat her injuries but was later released. She has not posted anything on her social media sites since the incident, and some of the stories that are flying around are allegedly fabricated. All in all there is no excuse for ANY man to hit a woman. Was Tahiry being a diva? Get well soon chick.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

"The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill: Years Later..."

         August 25, 1998 seems like yesterday... but in actuality it was a generation ago. Once in a few years, the landscape of music is impacted for a lifetime, simply by a moment. This moment was the release of Lauryn Hill's first and only solo album, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. The fusion of hip-hop, soul, R&B and reggae, along with the trials, tribulations and triumphs of a young black woman, all were facets of the beautiful diamond that we immediately called a classic. 14 tracks deep, all written and produced (with assistance from Che' Guevara and Vada Nobles) by Lauryn Hill; she managed to capture the raw emotion of an entire culture, within a matter of about an hour. On this late summer day 16 years ago, one of hip-hop's brightest stars etched her name in the fabric of greatness, then and forever.

          Fresh off of The Fugees' massive success, Ms. Hill saw her career at a turning point; she had that it factor. A talent so legendary that the restrictions of a collective (an amazing group nonetheless...) proved to be mentally and creatively too stressful. However, in recording a solo project, the outcome always turns out to be a high-risk, high reward task. With no other members to absorb the negative criticism of a lackluster album, the expectations were set extremely high for The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill... and in historical fashion, she rose to the occasion. Songs such as "Ex-Factor" and "To Zion", were melodic and emotional, while "Lost Ones" and "Doo Wop (That Thing)" showcased the artist's lyrical prowess. The reggae influenced "When It Hurts So Bad" let her listeners feel the depth of her songwriting ability, and the collection of all these tracks were all different, yet cohesive. This fact was a testament to Lauryn Hill's infamously eclectic style in music.

          By the end of that particular week, Ms. Hill's album sold 423,000 copies, but it impacted millions. TMOLH garnered the songstress from New Jersey ten Grammy nominations, along with placements on the covers of TIME, Esquire and Rolling Stone, just to name a few. In a matter of months, she became a national icon; much to her dismay. In the years after, Lauryn faded back from the limelight, never doubting her love for making music, only shunning the fame and publicity that it brings. It would be an understatement to call this LP a 'flash in the pan', because though it's L-Boogie's first an only album, it's message resonates today, and will continue to for a lifetime.

           Since it's release in 1998, I find myself revisiting The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill every few months, more than any other album in my iTunes catalog (with the exception of the Hot Boys' Guerilla Warfare, but that's another article in itself...). What moves me the most, however, is her acknowledgment that this album may have many different sounds, in it's complete form it IS hip-hop... and that in itself is a beautiful thing. I appreciate you all for taking the time to read this, because you could have been anywhere in the world, but instead... y'all get it. Be safe and God bless.

- Oak.

Twitter: @OakVII
Instagram: brokeoak

...check out her classic video "Doo Wop (That Thing)" below:


Monday, August 25, 2014

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Suge Knight gets shot at AGAIN!! His family reaches out for prayer

On Sunday night old record executive and long time friend of the bullet Suge Knight was shot yet again. This time at a pre-VMA party that was hosted by Chris Brown. Knight was shot twice ranging from the stomach to the arms. TMZ released video of Brown trying to calm down the crowd after the shots were rung out. Coincidentally rapper Game and his security "goons" got in a debacle with the club 1Oak's security approximately 30 minutes before Knight was shot. Some outlets even reported that it was Chris Brown that ws shot and that Knight was "protecting" Brown, which was later revealed to be false... But Suge still getting shot at, is a damn mess.

Young Jeezy ARRESTED on tour, after man was killed at concert

With just three more stops on the the "Under the Influence" tour featuring Jeezy and Wiz, Jeezy for the second time this year goes ahead and gets busted for carrying a concealed weapon on his tour bus. His bus was searched as a result of a 38-year-old man who was shot and killed backstage at their show in California a couple of days ago, and of course they found a weapon. Jeezy was charged with possession of a gun and was hauled off to jail. A couple of members of his entourage were arrested as well. This comes as his long-awaited anticipated album drops on September 2nd. Jeezy is held on a $1 million dollar bond.

Mike Epps set to play Richard Pryor in new biopic

After talks about who would play comedian Richard Pryor in the new biopic, mama/Executive Producer Oprah have found some funny in Mike Epps. (Which would be an amazing comeback) Epps is set out to play the legend comedian after rumors of Nick Cannon and Marlon Wayans were flying around. Oprah came together with director Lee Daniels to take a picture of a great "first read" over the script. What do you think? Is my dude Eppsie a good choice??

Lil Wayne is HIT with a paternity suit!!!

We all know that Wayne is not shy about stating how many kids he has, specifically with ones that aren't "celebrities", but the rapper has an alleged paternity suit coming his way. Well it has already came his way when he was doing time at Rikers Island. A 30 year-old New Orleans woman named Keiotia Brown says that Lil Wayne is the father of her 12 year-old son Dewayne Keyshawn Brown. When Lil Wayne did his time a Rikers the paternity suit was pushed back, and was supposed to resume as soon as he got out of jail, but he has been avoiding it ever since. If this child is for Wayne, then he would be his oldest boy and under his famous daughter Reginae.... Somebody call Maury!

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Congrats!? Kevin Hart proposes to girlfriend same night as ATL Exes premiere

Kevin Hart finally made it official with his "rib" and girlfriend of 5 years Eniko Parrish on last night when he proposed to her at an intimate dinner, of course she said yes. Coincidentally the premiere of Atlanta Exes also aired last night, where we were introduced to Hart's ex Torrei, and it's clear that she is still hurt from the divorce. Was this shade? Well yesterday was Eniko's birthday, and according to close friends it was indeed a surprise. Since then Torrei Hart has responded saying that "it's beautiful" and goes on to say that the publicized engagement has just bumped up viewers for the show, so it's really working in her favor.

<iframe src="//player.vimeo.com/video/103827952" width="500" height="281" webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen></iframe>

The private viewing party was a success last night with plenty of ATL social butterflies such as Married to Medicine's Quad, and old head RHOA member Sheree Whitfield (where I'm sure she can relate to these women). The new season will follow Monyetta Shaw (Ne-yo's ex- fiancee), Christina Johnson (C-lo Green's ex-wife), Sheree Buchannan (Ray Buchannan's ex-wife), of course Torrei, and the infamous Tameka Raymond (Usher's ex-wife) where she is deemed as the villian already. We shall be watching???

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

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Coming soon to BET... 3 new docuseries!!

For all of those who were wanting Keyshia Cole to come back to reality television, welp she's back! BET is trying to take some of its viewing power back with the premiers of 3 docuseries starring Nelly, Keyshia, and gospel powerhouse Tamala and David Mann (aka Mr. Brown). It was recently deemed that VH1 has topped ratings being #1 in black households, and BET hopes to grab a chunck of this pie with these reality shows.

With Keyshia's new untitled series, it will show her living her newly single life, repairing things with her birth mother, and wrapping up her new album. She is set up for an alleged 6 episode series. Nelly's new show will show the rapper turned businessman's life as he juggles being a father, Charlotte Bobcat's part owner, and highlighting his new relationship with Floyd Mayweather's ex Miss Jackson (so we know why he is running around flaunting this chick around). He is set up for an 8 episode series. The Mann's are have an undisclosed episode count, but the show will shadow the gospel and tv/movie stars showing their family. The Mann's have been married for 26 years!

Now that BET has set up something not so ratchet, will you be watching?

Omarion is a DADDDDDDYYY!!!

Unconfirmed LHHLA star Omarion introduces to the world his baby boy Megaa Omari Grandberry! The former B2K star just recently had a baby with his girlfrint Apryl Jones. He tweeted this picture stating his stats. Baby Megaa was 7lbs., 4oz., and 20 inches long. Proud papa goes on another excited rant explaining how he helped deliver the baby at home and how strong his "soulmate" Apryl was for having it without any medication. Congrats to the new parents, now don't put that cutie in none of the scenes for this upcoming ratchetness!

Flippin' Flawless: Rihanna poses with model Icons for W Magazine

Superstar singer Rihanna shows that she can fly with the rest of the fashion diva's in W magazine's September 2014 issue. She covers the issue alone, playing with face paints and wild animals and is looking flawless, peep below.

I say she should quit singing and make this her full time gig! What do you think?

New mom Cici makes Future her past....."He cheated, I'm done"

After numerous reports of a possible break-up and being seen without her engagement ring on, Ciara has finally calls it quits with Future. A source expressed to US Weekly that Future did cheat on Ciara and she is focused on her baby and her career. The source goes on the say that she is devastated behind it, but will indeed bounce back. The couple was together for a little over a year, and got engaged last October on her birthday. Since she is now the sole owner of the 15-carat diamond ring, Future can't legally ask for his ring back because it was given to her on a "holiday" which was her birthday. Plus, is she going to have the same drama as the other baby mother's with him taking care of his child? We shall see, nonetheless good luck to Cici for that no tolerance zone.

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