Tuesday, July 29, 2014

#SpilledTea with @ReddRadioDiva 7/29

Tiny addresses Floyd Mayweather's comments

Most recently after being snubbed at the BET Awards, Floyd Maweather goes in on Tiny Harris at a press conference when asked about Tip. "I f____ his bitch!" was the quote that started the fire and became viral on Instagram. Later the champ recanted on his comment saying that he was misquoted. The lady in the middle spoke on it when promoting her new single WTFYGD (What the F* You Gonna Do) on The Rickey Smiley Morning Show. The Family Hustle star says:

I went back to it because first of all that is so untrue. I could just not imagine him saying, “Oh yeah, I did that.” So, I had to go back, put my earbuds on so I could really, really hear. When he says it he said, “He thought,” but when he says it his head is kind of like turned to the side. But if you look at his mouth, his mouth is moving. He’s saying, “He thought.” So, he didn’t really say that for real, for real. Everybody took it and the press, that’s what they do. But he didn’t say that ’cause that never happened. He’s never been in a room with me by myself. Anytime that he’s been around me it’s been people like this. So I couldn’t imagine him saying, “Yeah, I did that.”
Well that was unexpected, knowing Tip's history of how he loves to fight behind his woman. The two both put out singles aimed at each other. Let's see how this goes....

Wendy Williams goes in on Kanye, "Spend more time with your daughter so that she can turn out normal!"

My girl Wendy Williams went in severely on Kanye Kardashian West on her show for comments West made in this month's issue of GQ magazine. He goes on a rant saying that he is making a better life for his daughter by defending "celebrities rights". Well we didn't know that celebs had special "rights" but the "Queen of Media" clapped back by saying that he needs to be more focused on not spending so much time away from his family.
“How about you spent more time with your daughter at home, with your wife doing normal people things?” she said.
“Maybe then she’d have a shot at a normal life.”

Phaedra Parks is here to STAY and has never left RHOA!!

Despite the rumor mill of the country belle Ms. Phaedra Parks leaving RHOA, it is not true and she is currently filming... and with ex-con hubby Apollo Nida. Numerous stories online have reported that the star wanted to split from reality television, but this isn't the case. TMZ reported that she is indeed filming right now. For this upcoming season she may not be available due to her taking care of family business, but she will not let this set back get in front of her bread and butter. Apparently their storyline is going to center around her life and preparing her hubby for his 8-year sentence for fraud, plus the strain that it has caused to their marriage. Needless to say, we will be tuned in whenever the next season comes out some time at the end of the year.

The PAWS comes out! Lil Scrappy says that Disney World is RACIST?

Lil Scrappy was caught on video going off on employees at the Nickoloden Suites Resort implying that they were skipping over his big girl Emani as well as the other black kids that were there waiting for a ride. In the video you can see that both Mamma Dee and Emani were there to try to calm the "Prince" down. The person that submitted the video to TMZ agrees saying that her child was skipped as well. Disney submitted a report saying that they do not discriminate whatsoever. There have been other discriminatory reports put out about Disney saying that some of the characters did not want to hug little black children... Tsk. This ish has to end.

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Monday, July 28, 2014

#SpilledTea with @ReddRadioDiva

GRAB YA TANKS! Master P is set to film "The Ice Cream Man" biopic!

Seems like Master P wants to put his "rags to riches" story on blast for the whole world to see, the biopic saga continues. The master behind the No Limit empire is ready to bring the TRUth to the big screen in a 3 part biopic movie. It is set to start production some time in 2015 and is currently casting for the trilogy. It goes as follows:

Part 1: Ice Cream Man
Part 2: TRU
Part 3: No Limit Empire

Are you bout seeing all of those movies?

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#SpilledTea with @ReddRadioDiva 7/15

Benzino & Stevie J goes into a twitter "beef" behind Althea

Last night after Kirk and Rasheeda's "I'm Sorry" party we saw Althea going off on Karlie Redd about her exposing her past, but seems like she rubbed Stevie J off wrong which prompted him to release a picture of Althea in a compromising position....

When Stevie released this photo, the twitter PR stunt starts. Althea says that the guy is not Stevie, in fact is Benzino. Then Benzino chimes in by airing business of when Stevie cried behind Joseline and a possible time of Joseling having sex with a cab driver, her alleged crack use, and of course their fake marriage. Stevie J replies by saying...

Le sigh. Meanwhile...

Joseline tried to show off how much of a bad boosh she is by performing her hit single, and got boo'ed! The only person that saved her was Stevie when he hopped on stage and the crowd applaud. Wasn't they divorced last week tho? Guess she's not the baddest like she claim, lol.

Slight Work: Wale & Meek Mill twitter beef before Meek goes back to prision

Twitter beef between two of MMG's hauncho's Wale and Meek Mill breaks right before Meek Mill is sent to jail. It started when Meek started to notice that Wale and a few other members affiliated with MMG was not promoting his album/single. Mr. "Twitter beef" himself, Wale also started to tweet a few things about his ish not getting promoted, and how busy he is in a long ass subliminal Instagram essay. Rick Ross spoke on this incident referring to it as two brothers getting into a petty argument, plus the publicity isn't good for the label. Ross said that he spoke to both of them on 3-way as soon as the incident was over, basically letting them know to cut the crap.

Meanwhile, Meek has bigger fish to fry. Quickly after this little incident, Meek was sent to jail on a probation violation charge for allegedly having pictures or discriptions of guns or gun talk on his social media. Prosecutors says that Meek booked a couple of concerts and also changed his number without notifying them. Since then he has tried to get a rushed trial, but was denied. Seems like Meek will be in a county jail in Philly for the rest of the summer.

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Saturday, July 26, 2014

[Video] Spilled Tea w/ @ReddRadioDiva on the L.I.F.E [07|22|14]

FINALLY! It's here, the video footage of Redd Radio Diva doing thing with aye.AllyBEA on the assist inside the L.I.F.E radio show!  ENJOY!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

#SpilledTea with @ReddRadioDiva 7/1

Hank Baskett cheats on ex-Playboy Playmate Kendra with a tranny!?

Just a few weeks after having their second child, the rumors reappear that NFL Pro baller Hank Wilkinson was cheating with a 25 year old transgender female named Londyn. A source close to the couple says that when the rumors first were spread, Kendra laughed it off. After a slight investigation Kendra found an unlikely purchase on a credit card bill and flipped. She allegedly threw her wedding ring down the toilet, flushed it, punched a wall, and threw most of their wedding photos into the pool. She did the investigating because Hank was no eager to clear his name up when the rumors first appeared. Talking about a post-baby heartbreak.

Beyonce, Pharrell, and August Alsina jacked all the BET Awards

Just like that, Bey and Jay are on top (where that televised performance clearly states that Bey is too busy)! But they aren't the only ones, Pharell, August Alsina, Tamala Mann, and Nicki Minaj contributes to some of the winners as well. Bey stole 3 awards where one included "Best Collaboration" for "Drunk In Love". Pharrell left with two awards, one being the "Video of the Year" for his hit "Happy". New Orleanian, August Alsina "attempted" to cry but was humble in receiving his award for "Best New Artist". After winning his award he hit the stage with Chris Brown and Trey Songz for the "I Love This Ish" (Remix). Showing everybody that their slight beef might have ceased. Other performers included Best Female Rapper Nicki Minaj, Robin Thicke, Jhene Aiko & John Legend, and a surprise from Missy Elliot when she joined Pharrell on stage. Congrats to all of the winners.

Another thing that was a huge hit during the BET Awards is and always will be the halarious meme's, and this year was no different.

We can all agree that Bust sure looked slightly familar that night.... Bookman!?

Meanwhile on the red carpet, Tiny snubs Floyd Mayweather in hind sight. Glad Tip wasn't with her. Check the video below.

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

#SpilledTea with @ReddRadioDiva 6/10

Stevie J FINALLY arrested for non-payment of child support

On this past Monday Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star Stevie J was arrested due to the $1 million plus that he alledgedly owes in back child support. He was released a couple of hours later where his "wife" and co-star Joseline Hernandez bailed him out on $200,000. TMZ broke the prep walk where Stevie J was arrested at his Georgia home. These child support charges are stemmed out of New York, and a new report claims that he owes the IRS as well. Apparently there are four tax liens against him amounting into $371,000! On the child support case they have sent Stevie notifications between 2011 and 2013 stating that they can seize his property (if he owns any). Get your ish together Stebbie!

T.I.'s mother pleas with Tiny to make it right on Instagram??

The other day Tiny was spotted with several friends at a Bar with some of her friends where mama Tip took her frustration to Instagram about the current and hidden relationship between her and her son. It is no secret that Tip and Tiny have been on the rocks, both don't bother to wear their wedding bands anymore and are seen separately even in the television series. Both have been very vocal about how they feel in each other's comments, so Mama Tip decided to chime in on a bit of advice:

Whatever the case may be, the family that "hustles" need to try to deal with this more quietly before more rumors start to appear, or someone goes back to jail and this time for assult.

Master P loses custody of his kids AFTER requesting it!

Master P's estranged wife Sonya won the custody battle that HE started. She was granted sole physical and legal custody of their 17, 14, 13, and 9 year old when he was an apparent no show at court. Master P claims that he was a no show for the court date because he was never summonsed with a court date. Master P is claiming that Sonya is an unfit mother because she is an alcoholic and a drug abuser and that she just wants the benefits. As a result of him not showing up to court, he lost custody and he has to pay $75,000 in Sonya's legal fees which included sanctions from him not showing up to court. Master P has been shopping a new reality show called The Miller Dynasty, with this new drama I am pretty sure that it would get picked up soon.

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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

#SpilledTea with @ReddRadioDiva 6/3

Bad Boy Breezy is free!

After serving 108 days in the slammer, singer Chris Brown is finally a free man. He was released from the Los Angelos jail at about midnight on Monday. Brown initially went to jail because he had broke his probation which stemmed from the Rihanna case, but a judge in DC ordered him to serve a total of 131 days stemming from the mess that he was involved in during the weekend of Howard Homecoming last year. Well what's next? Collect that "Loyal" money would be the first start, lol, but he tweeted out his plans:

Seems like his focus is what is most important and that is to deliver great music to his fans. Although Breezy is not completely off of the hook, he was released because the judge in LA gave him credit for time served for nearly 8 months and his case in DC is still in limbo. The details for this case should be surfacing when he is reported to go into court within the next couple of months. Stay good and clean brother.

Brother Rob Kardashian skipped the "royal" wedding!

Family drama amongst the Kardashian clan, dealing with Rob and Kimmy cakes. Apparently, Rob was a no show for his sister's 3rd wedding. We know that he was dealing with a ton of self-esteem issues and his weight. He also has felt that his sisters has gotten all of the shine over the years, but this seems to still be bothering him. A source close to the family says that Kim had accused Rob of leaking negative stories to the media and she also targets him about how much weight he has been putting on. These comments may have trigged baby brother to leave Italy early, and the source also said that he thought that the wedding was truly over the top and did not get why her third marriage would be in such of fashion (umm sir, she IS marrying, now married, Kanye). Maybe he is just sick of living his life so fake, hope he gets the help he deserves.


Unbothered married couple Kimye, still on honeymoon, still being fab overseas hitting up a wedding in Prague. It was rumored that so many paps were following them that they set up stunt devils to throw them off. Well we thought you guys like the attention? In more ratchet related news.....

Sex tape co-star and ex-annoying boyfriend Ray J was arrested on Friday after being asked to leave the Beverly Wilshire hotel. Apparently he was causing rukus in the hotel and after being arrested and placed in the cop car he spit on a cop, where he was then charged with trespassing, vandalism, resisting arrest, and battery. Now we know that he is "allegedly" filming for LHHLA, so we hope its nothing out of the ordinary for that. Sources says that the whole debacle of over him grabbing a girl on her butt, smh. Since then, he was bailed out of jail.

Wiz Khalifa's famous jail selfie

On last week rapper Wiz Khalifa was arrested at an airport in Texas during a routine TSA check and found mary in his possession. He was sent to jail, where he admitted that one of the corrections officers allowed him to take his cell phone in the jail with him. During calling wifey Amber, he decided to take a selfie straight from the celly. He also tweeted "I wanna drop 28 grams but they got me locced up," and "as soon as I get out, the tapes comin out. Fucc that." Oh Wiz... you should have known you couldn't slide for too long.

Shay "Buckeey" Johnson may face jail time

In your daily dose of ratchetness, Shay Johnson may face jail time for busting a chick over the head with a Ciroc bottle, where it was caught on video. Now this incident happened back in February where they were at Sleezy & Zino's, the infamous club that Stevie J owns with friend Benzino. Apparently the chick that she hit up side the head was a friend of Joseline's. Stevie assisted the chick where she is seen in this video with a cracked forehead, smh....
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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

#SpilledTea with @ReddRadioDiva 5/20

The aftermath after the Solange vs. Jay-z fiasco

Since the video was released last week of Solange going off on her brother in-law Jay-z, they seem to be getting over it like a family. Beyonce unofficially released a statement basically saying that they are no different from any other family, and they are entitled to have issues. Rumors of the fight have been various, but the one that seems to float around is that designer (and ex-wife of ex-partner of Jay's, Dame Dash) Rachel Roy was getting either cozy with Jay, or that she disrespected Solo in some kind of way. Whatever the case may be, the in-laws Jay and Solo have been seen shopping for jewelry pieces together (which have been named as they really weren't "shopping"), and sister Bey visited Solo in New Orleans where she posted numerous pictures of she and her little sis on Instagram.

For the hotel worker who leaked the video to TMZ, he was fired and could face some charges if filed. The security guard at the Standard Hotel, recorded the video from his phone and forward it over to TMZ where the person received at least $250,000 for the footage. Which pulls the question of was it worth it? Um, to a security guard... I think so.

Which was the aftermath.... Oh Jay

WTH: Joseline & Stebbie outsed by former booking agent, plus random (or hacked) tweets involving an affair

Shortly after last night's episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Joseline Hernandez recently tweeted several pictures of her bruied face claiming that Stevie J beated her, as well as the "borrowed" Versace plates from Stevie's old friend, as well as a bag full of oxy pills saying she was ready to break it down and "sniff it like air".

Now the rumor is that her bitter ex-booking agent Dawn hacked her account and posted old pictures of older beatings. Since last night Joseline posted an Instagram video of her saying that her account was hacked and that the accusations were indeed false. Stevie also tweeted that her account was hacked and that he was going to "find whoever did it". Joseline also posted some DMs of an alleged affair of between her and Rick Ross.

Dont look like much to me, but maybe a possible hook up... We shall see what happens next.

Future and Ciara gives birth to baby

Baby Future Zahir Wilburn was born over the weekend. Ci-Ci sent a tweet out saying his name and birth weight.
9 lbs! Whoop that's a big baby, but glowing mommy Ciara carried it well. Congrats to the couple.

50 Cent says he wasn't invited to son's graduation, after son puts him on blast for not attending

50 Cent's son Marquise graduated this past weekend from a private school in Atlanta, where he ousted his father for being a no show. Since then, 50 has been telling his friends that he wanted to attend and didn't because he was not invited. He goes on to say that Marquise's mother Sheniqua blocked him from attending. He claims that he had no idea of the location or time of graduation. About a year ago, the father and son got into it via text and since then they have reconciled.
Nonetheless, 50 Cent pays the tuition, so do you think he really was blocked. When there is a will, there is a way... No excuse is good enough for you not to have been at your son's graduation. Period!
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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

#SpilledTea with @ReddRadioDiva 5/6

Nelly releases new song secretly directed at Floyd Mayweather or nah...??

We can all agree that Nelly is one handsome, fine, good looking fellow. Hell, he is pretty damn good on The Real Husbands of Hollywood, but assured he do not need to release any more records after this struggle tune. The song is called "Thanks to my ex", where you can read between the lines that he is talking about Floyd Mayweather's ex-finance Shantel Jackson. A couple of weeks ago, prior to his big fight this past weekend, he put her on blast stating that the reason why they broke up was because she went and aborted their twins. Mayweather was extremely petty by posting the sonogram, proof that she indeed got the abortion within her first trimester. When he posted the sonogram on Facebook, he quickly deleted it but she never fired back. Instead, she posted a pic of she and Nelly, and after a win for "The Money Team" he goes and releases this trash. You be the judge....

Nikko Smith releases new "Shower Rod" song, plus the season 3 premiere of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta overview

Without a doubt this new season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta will be one of the messiest up to date. With the release of Mimi & Nikko's sex tape, to Kirk swabbing his baby, it does have a lot of people in an uproar questioning the producer Mona Scott Young. What is she doing to make these clowns act a fool? Well it premiered last night where Stevie J and Joseline lives together in this big mansion, where she admitted to paying half of the bills. The also revealed that they are indeed married, but apparently she cannot remember the day she got hitched. Mimi says that she has yet to see a marriage certificate. The next episode will be when Stevie confronts Mimi about her "leaked" sex tape and get into a brawl with Nikko. Episode number 2 will be coming on Wednesday.

Nikko premieres his new single "Shower Rod", which was inspired by the sex tape he has with his unconfirmed fiance Mimi.... Check out the fuckery below


RHOA Reunion Part 3 Highlights: Phaedra goes in on Kenya shopping sperm banks, Apollo tells Kenya about her storyline, plus Porsha finally claims abuse from Kordell

The explosive part 3 of the RHOA aired on Sunday and the shade fest was in full force. It began when Phaedra spoke on how she iterated that she did not want Kenya around her husband Apollo. Where she read her for filth, check it out below...

Checkmate!! Later on after the reunion Andy Cohen had a one on one with Porsha Williams where she talks about apologizing to Kenya, but only if she is willing to apologize as well. She goes on the genuinely apologize to her fans, saying how bad she feels for acting out of character. She also alludes about alleged abuse during the course of their marriage.

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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

#SpilledTea with @ReddRadioDiva 4/29

Donald Sterling banned from all NBA Associations, fined, and a possible forfeit of ownership

Today the NBA Commissioner Adam Silver announced that Los Angelos Clippers owner Donald Sterling is banned from all NBA Associations and will be fined $2.5 million dollars. This comes after he was caught stating racist comments to his girlfriend (which was supposed to be in private, AND he has a wife) that he didn't want her to be seen or come to the game with any black guys. The commissioner expressed his personal disgust and interated that the NBA will not stand for it, and demand that Sterling sells his part of the Clippers. Silver stated that he is going to urge the NBA's Board of Governors look into a force sale of the team from Sterling. Silver also went on to apologizing to NBA greats especially Majic Johnson, who was mentioned in the taping.

At the end of the day, if or when Sterling sells the team, he will gain an great return now that the team is worth estimated billions. When he only fronted $13 million of his own money. Plus the press, and protestors will gaing him a great deal of media attention. The $2.5 million dollars that he will be fined is going to go to charities catering to racism and poverty.


First look at Kandi & Todd's new wedding spin-off

Now that season 6 of RHOA has wrapped up with a bang, we are headed to another show that is sure to impact the same "bang". Kandi Burrass and fiance Todd Tucker will broadcast their wedding which is set to premier in a couple of weeks. As said on the second part of the reunion, Mama Joyce says that Todd's mother called her a "bitch", also Kandi did hint that Todd was having some issues with signing a pre-nup. The cameras will also follow the bride-to-be with her bridesmaids and a stab with her bestie Carmon (the one that Mama Joyce accused to sleeping with Todd). Mama Joyce just refused to crack a smile, seems like she is still opposed.

Along with the ratchetness, it has been rumored that the mothers of Atlanta will be coming together to get their own reality show and Mama Joyce will be the main character. Along with Tiny's mother, and Shirleen (Rasheeda's mother who we see on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta), along with some other members which are rumored to be from the rap group K Camp and Young Thug's mother. They are supposed to be pitching it to Bravo. I definitely keep you up to date with the details.

Kandi's Wedding will appear on Bravo within a matter of weeks. We will be watching....

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